The Encyclopaedia Britannica defines it as the following

“Fiction, literature created from the imagination, not presented as fact, though it may be based on a true story or situation.”

To help you find the books you like as a reader fiction is divided in a to number of areas called genres.

What is a Genre?

The Encyclopaedia Britannica defines it as the following

“A distinctive type or category of literary composition”

This means that Fiction Genres simply means

Story Category


What are the main Fiction Genres (story categories) out there:

Novels which have some form of literary significance or merit.

Stories which are set during the time they are written and deal with issues of the day.

Stories about how crimes are committed and the following events for example how the get caught.

Fiction that includes magic or magical creatures.  

Historical fiction:-
Stories set in the past and can either be a fictional portrayal about real events or people, or stories set in that time period.

Stories which contain a events that provoke fear in either the characters in the book, the reader or even both at the same time.

Stories which make the reader laugh through the story either by the situations that happen in the story or how the characters react to them.

Novels of this section focus on the relationship and romantic love between two people and has a emotional and optimistic ending

Stories showing how a crime solved or sec a secret revealed

A series of events stretching over a long period of time either involving an individual or a family.

Science Fiction:-
Fiction based on how technology of the present, imagined or the future will effect us can be set in other worlds.

Stories were danger can either affect a groups or an individual and the steps made to evade or stop the threat

Young Adult:-
A genre of stories primly amid at readers from 12-18 although half the readers are adults, the stories characters are teenagers dealing with issues of their age, in other fiction genres.


How genres can be used to expand our reading?

What we need to remember when looking in a book store or library at the different is that most fiction,  does not fall neatly into just one genre, for example a Romance set in the Victorian era will be be Historical/Romance, some fantasy novels contain some sort of danger so they would be classed as Fantasy/Thriller.

To this end if as a reader you like contemporary crime novels, have a look at some historical crime, stories.  

This is only a brief description of fiction genres as their are many others out there. Remember do not tie yourself down to one specific one as most books can be classed as more than one genre.


Comment below on what is your favourite genre.


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