At the beginning of the book the narrator finds some letters written her dad Paul and a book containing only a picture of a dragon. She then talks to her farther about it, who goes on to tell the story of how he found the book while studying at university in the 1950s. Taking it to his mentor, Professor Rossi, who tells him he also found a book in the 1930s and gives Paul letters about what he did when he found the book. Shortly after this meeting Rossi goes missing so Paul then goes looking for him.    

The story is told in the form of letters and journals and stories similar to the way that Bram stoker wrote his novel Dracula, although it does feel more like the way a films deal with letters than reading an actual letter. However with this having three different story arc each set in a different time period and sometimes there is not a clear dividing line between each arc as the novel swaps from one perspective to the other. This means it can get a little confusing to which persons story you are in at the start of the book though it did seem to get easier the further you get into the it.

In simple terms The Historian, is The Davinci Code by Dan Brown meets Bram Stoker’s Dracula, although there is more to it than that, and is more than just one genere it is a mystery, thriller, Gothic novel, detective fiction with a bit of young adult thrown in.

As some one who has not read any Vampire books both old and new, but knew of some of the myths and of Vlad Tepes. Though there are times when the book felt a bit dry and it did take me about 17 hours to read it, so it is not a quick read. I did enjoy the overall experience of the book and would recomend this book as well as adding her two other books books by Elizabeth Kostova to my TBR.