The story starts early in the 20th century when a young girl Cathy has become pregnant and is planning with mum to give the baby up for adoption when it is born. When Cathy gets home she is   sent up to stay in her bedroom. Later in the evening her younger sister gives her a copy of Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift wrapped up in a newspaper. During the night Cathy sees a job advertisement for a job in The Emporium, with free board and lodging. Running away the next morning Cathy gets to the store and meets papa Jack and the rest of the staff.

toy soldiers

One way to describe The Toy Makers, is Toy Story meets Charlie and the Chocolate factory as it, is part fantasy and fairy tale aimed at adults who remember the magic of toys. This means that the novel is an emotional roller-coaster with the first part of the book being magical which only makes what follows more emotional.

I really loved this novel and would highly recommend it to any one who loves a story with a bit of magic and how decisions we make, alter our lives over time.

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