The first thing I had to do is find out what book I was going to use for this chalange, to this end I set myself some simple peramiters


I did not want to spend days reading a book and hours watching a film, so this took out something like the Hobbit, War and peace or Les Misrables.

Not Seen Film and Read book

I was alright if the I had not seen both formats but wanted to come to at least one of them with fresh eyes, so this ruled out Where Eagles Dare or Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.


With this in mind I wanted to get genre of book/film, that had a lot of plot but without out to much action which the film would have an advantage or a lot of back story to the characters which would sway it in favour of the book. To this end I settled on something like a thriller in the Dan Brown mode.

In Choosing the Book

With these limitation in mind I went through my DVD collection and came across The Boys Form Brazil, by Ira Levin, the movie I had seen before but even though I tired to read years ago never read any more than 30 pages at most.

Boys From Brazil


In this classic thriller, Ira Levin imagines Dr Josef Mengele’s nightmarish plot to restore the Third Reich. Alive and hiding in South America, thirty years after the end of the Second World War, Mengele gathers a group of former colleagues for a sinister project – the creation of the Fourth Reich. Ageing Nazi hunter Yakov Lieberman is informed of the plot but before he hears the evidence, his source is killed . . .

Spanning continents and inspired by true events, what follows is one of Levin’s most masterful tales, both timeless and chillingly plausible.

Taken from kobo

The Book Review

The book was a well written thriller with very little added extras added into the story. Although there was not a lot of examining good and evil as good as the their was no grey characters just black and White. Mengele was shown as bureaucrat trying to solve a scientific problem, with doubts. Were Lieberman is portrayed as an old man who does not have all the answers asking a group of students why someone would want to kill 94 old men on certain dates?

Film Review

The film was very well made, with quality actors playing the parts Mengele was played by Gregory Peck and Lieberman played by Sir Laurence Oliver with James Mason also in it. The film moves the plot on somethly from scene to scene with the dialogue clear.

Comparing Book and Film

The book and film were of the same quality. The film followed the dialogue from the book at times word for word, although there were bits of the book missing for example were Lieberman asks the question to the students is not in the film. In the film and the book Lieberman is portrayed in the same way how ever Mengele is shown to be experimenting with a child in the film with a young boy who’s character is not in the book.


The Book and the film for Boys from Brazil are both good and the reader and the film goer will gain equally from reading or watching the story.