An historical novel about the building of a Cathedral in medival England may sound boring, however  What Ken Follett does is weave a range of characters with their own strengths and weaknesses. From the young Prior Philip who was brought up by monks aims to build a new cathedral to bring money to save Priory and the town but is very naive in the wider world. To the Bishop Bigod a political astute bishop who aims to be archbishop of Canterbury one day.  

lincoln Carhedral

In addition to these main characters in the novel, there is Tom Builder who wishes to build a Cathedral one and is son and daughter and his partner Ellen and her son. As well as Ellen the daughter of the Earl of Shiring and their enemies the Hamleighs an ambitious family.


The novel is very well researched and you get to learn how cathedrals were built in mediaeval England, without modern day technology and how the politics of the day affected the construction. The thing that Ken Follett does is that he never overloads you with factual information but their is enough in the story to allow the reader to enjoy the novel without having a prior understanding of the time period.

Canterbury Cathedral

The people in the novel are well rounded and are used to move the story along both in their personal life which effects the historical context of the book and how that in turn effects the individal lives of the people in the novel.

In conclusion I would this novel is well worth a the time to read such an epic novel

Since the book was written their have been to further Kingsbridge Novels which tell how the decendents and the Cathedral are affected by the history of England.