The Lost Girls of Paris By Pam Jenoff Review

lost girls paris cover

The Lost Girls of Paris, is a fictional story of how in World War II woman were used by the Special Operations Executive (SOE), in occupied France in the aiding the French resistance during the Nazi occupation. The story is told using the point of View of three women, Grace Healey, Elanor Trigg and Marie. Using the documents and letters in a simaler way to The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova which was reviewed here.

The story starts in New York shortly after the war, when the recently widowed Grace Healey, route to work is altered due to the death in a car crash of Eleanor Trigg. Grace finds 12 photos of young women one of them being a young mother called Marie in a suitcase, being intrigued about these photos Grace then goes on to find out, not only what these women have in common, also what happened to them and how they interconnect with Eleanor Trigg.

The novel Is told from the point of view of 3 individuals in the book with the point of view only changing at the start of the chapter, and is told in such away that you never no more than Grace as she finds information but the chapters on Eleanor and Marie gives a more detailed version of the story.

The story is well written spy thriller based in world war II, with the main protagonist being all female, it does give a different angle on the types of books that got me into reading, For example The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins, The Guns of Naverone by Alister Maclean and the Brendan Samson novels by Len Deighton


ehl my paper back edition
Eagle Has Landed


The one thing I would like to add about the book is the cover, which does not usually get a comment from me, as it is generally something the auther does not have a say in, that is the cover of the ebook I read is different to the one one good reads and to be honest as a young male I do not think I would have given the book the time of day when the book would have been in my wheelhouse.

lost girls of paris good reas cover
GoodReads cover


This is a great book and cannot recommend it highly enough and will read more of Pam Jenoff in the future.

2 thoughts on “The Lost Girls of Paris By Pam Jenoff Review

  1. I’ve seen this book floating around for a while, I’ll have to put it on my list. I’ve been really into historical fiction lately. Thanks for the review!


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