Books Read This Month

G. K. Chesterton
Farther Brown Complete Murder Mysteries

Finished reading it this month after starting it in December, glad I read this as this is the source material for the BBC series, by the same name, but was not overly enamoured with the book as a whole but glad I read it.

Robert Louis Stevenson
The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

As this was only a short story I read this in a day, I had never read any books by this writer before and only read it as part of the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge for 2020, (MMDRC20),  (as are all the following books this month and will discuss this in another post later) I wish to say I enjoyed it and will probably read more by this writer at later date.

D. H. Lawrence
Sons and Lover

I have never read any books by Lawrence before and again it was part of the MMDRC20, and even thought of him as a writer I would not enjoy, but after reading this novel which I really enjoyed, his books have been added to my To be read list.

Lucinda Riley
The Butterfly Room
The Angel Tree
The Midnight Rose

These 3 separate novels by Lucinda Riley an author who I fell in love with Reading, the first book in he epic Severn Sisters series, which I will complete late. She has become one of my favourite writers from the moment I started to read that book. The 3 Books I read this month I all standalone books and all follow the same formula, of how people react in one generation affects the lives of future ones, but the way Lucinda writes it does not feel like she is writing by numbers but that all stories are taken as brand new ones. If I Had to pick a favourite one of these three I would have to say the Last one, A Midnight Rose.

Alistair MacLean
The Guns Of Naverone
Jonathan Oliver Narrator

This was listened to as an audio book, it was a long time since I head read this story which I Grew up listening to as a child, I must say I enjoyed the experience of listening to an audio book, but although I enjoyed the story, it did not stand up to the enjoyment I got from this book all those years ago.

Currently Reading

Mineko Iwasak
Geisha of Gion: The True Story of Japan’s formost Geisha
Rande Brown translator


I am still dealing with depression and anxiety, it’s amazing how you can write on a blog, how you have these issues but have difficulty talking to family and freinds about it, although it has not been a bad month there still were times when I did not do things even though I wanted to or could have not been here now. That reads worse than it but their were times when suicide did cross my mind, but I am learning to live with it. However being a male it was the man flue (cold) that would have probably done harm to me.

News and Sport

Congratulations on England beating south Africa in The test series 3-1, it was nice to win a series aborad for a change. Also Thank you to the NFL for a really good post season this year, and conglomerations, to the Kansas City Chiefs for winning the Superbowl (I know the game was played in February, but I am writing this the day after), as an UK NFL fan I have now got to the start of the next season to catch up on my sleep.

The Major news event nationally, is the UK as left The European Union, I am not going to say if, this is good or bad as it causes arguments on both sides, I may later do a post on how this will effect the world of books and culture. Intentionally the main story is the Coronavirus, I hope every one keeps safe.


The main TV show I have been watching is, series 8 of Farther Brown on the BBC, which is based on the Books by G. K. Chesterton, which I enjoy, and this series was up to its usual standards. I did read the short stories that the it is based on and will do a comparison between the to later in the month.


This month has been a dificult month due to my mental health, but I made it to the other side. Having read for over 56 hours this mint plus the time it took to listen to The Guns Of Naverone on audio I can truley say it has been a good month for reading.

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