Burning Island is the second book by Suzanne Goldring, after My Name is Eve, which I read last year, you can read my review here,

The story is set on the Greek Island of Corfu, split into 2 distinct story lines. The first starts during World War II more specific, June 1944, with the Germans now in control of the Island after the Italians surrendered to the Allies in 1943. It tells the story of how the Jewish population were treated by the Germans, at this time and how some of the locals reacted.

Map of Corfu

The 2nd story line is set during the first decade of the 21st century, concentrating on the story of James and Amber, a successful married couple who give up their life in cold and damp, London to start a restaurant on the Greek island of Corfu. Both James and Amber, have their own chapter, allowing them to stand out individually, giving you their own perspective, on each event, moving the story on when it changes to the other main character or story line in the book.

Book cove
Burning Island book cover

Burning Island is well written novel, with, not only the main two Character having their own friendships, but each secondary character, being not only distinctive, but their to move the plot along, when they are mentined. The only thing I would say is that the ending does not tie up all the lose ends however, this does not distract from the story but adds to it.

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All in all i would highly recommend reading, The Burning Island and am looking forward to read any future books by Suzanne Goldring.