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Dovetail is the latest book by Karen McQuestion due to be released on March 10th 2020, tells the story of how decisions taken in an instant can lead to a chain reaction and affect the rest of your life and how sometimes the stars align to reconcile them.

The story is divided into two time lines, the first is in 1983, when Jo is in treatment for, having four recurring dreams, showing scenes which he does not understand, one of which he calls his death dream, all of them lead him to wake up screaming. Jo is then taken out by his Grandma Pearl, who he has never met before and his dad even told him that she had passed away. Pearl Takes Jo to her home town to work for her for the summer  He meets Katherleen, who is also running away from  her past, there seems to be a connection, between the two of them, Jo’s dreams and events involving Pearl in the summer of 1916.


The second time line is 1916, when Pearl the eldest sister who is a dreamer, lives with her widowed farther, Alice the next eldest sister and the one who does most if not all of the cooking and cleaning along with with 4 other younger sisters. All is fine until John comes to help the farther for the summer.

Dovetail book cover
Dovetail book cover

The most enjoyable thing about Dovetail is how the the writer drip feeds little bits of intrigue and clues at the start of the novel, for example why did Jo not now about his Grandma or even if she was his Grandma in the first place, this keep you interested as a reader, as Karen McQuestion eases you into both the story and her writers style, which in this novel is enjoyable to read

The only thing I will say that slightly took away from the book is the ending, (don’t worry no spoilers), in that everything seemed to be wrapped up at the end. This is only a personal preference, and did not distract from the end but, sometimes I like and author to leave a little bit of the ending to the readers imagination.  

This is the first book that I have ever read by Karen McQuestion and I really enjoyed both the writing style and the story and feel I can highly recommend Dovetail not only to your TBR, but to one of those books on your TBR never ending list that you actually read

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