I got this book as an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley for a fair and honest review as the book.

The Lazarus charter by Tony Bassett, is a thriller that could have been taken out of today’s headlines. The premise of the book is what would you do if after going to a dear friends funeral, you see that same person, coming out of a underground station in London. This Is the case for school teacher Bob who sees his old friend, Gus who was killed in a car crash earlier that year. As both Bob and his wife Anne, investigate what is going on with Gus, they find themselves in trouble with both the Russians and the British government.

lazzarus charter

The plot of the book is well planed with twists and turns throughout, with both lead characters Bob and Anne, taking an active role into the investigating into these events. However with the story being told through only one point of view, that of Bob’s, if Anne, gets in any danger you know she is going to get out of it, as she is the one telling the story.

There where a couple of other weaknesses for me and that is although the characters were involved in action, the writing of those scenes, did not build the action or the tension up as much as they could have even with Bob’s scenes.

The ending, also could have been stronger as it seemed to go on for ever, as the author seemed to want to tie up every little lose end, including something that was adding to side plot that as the reader I had not noticed as it was very minor.

Having said all that if you are looking for a modern day cold war thriller straight from the news headlines, that is an enjoyable read then I would read, Tony Bassett’s latest book The Lazarus Charter.

lazzarus charter
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