Well we are at the end of the second month of the year, while my mental health could have been better, it had got better throughout the month. I also joined NetGalley and BookSirens, which as I use an e-reader for reading books this gives me access to books that have not been released yet for a fair and honest review.

Books Finished this month


Mineko Iwasak
Geisha of Gion: The True Story of Japan’s foremost Geisha
Rande Brown translator

I reading this at the beginning of February, for the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge, in the book out side my comfort zone, as I don’t normally read memoirs. It tells the story of a Geisha form when she joined as a young girl to when she left.


Rosella Postorino
The Women at Hitler’s Table
Leah Janeczko

This was another book I read for the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge in the read, in the book in translation, it also was the first ebook I had ever taken out from the library.  It tells the story of the women who was a taster for Hitler so they at the food to show that it was not poisoned.

Book cove

Suzanne Goldring
Burning Island

This was a book I was waiting to come out as enjoyed the previous book by this writer Call Me Eve, last year. This book tells the story of what happened to the Jews in the Greek Island of Corfu during the Holocaust, during World War II, it was a good story and I learnt about something I did not know about.


Lucinda Riley
The love Letter

This was another book I got out of the library, in ebook form. This tells the story of a scandal that goes all the way to the top of the British state, it was a really good novel more of a thriller than her normal books but still very good.

Dovetail book cover


Karen MacQuestio

The was the first book I got from NetGalley for a fair and honest review I enjoyed this book that tells the story of two connected relationships one in 1916 and another over 60 years later, I would have to say this was my favourite book of the month.

the german house

Annette Hess
The German House
Elisabeth Lauffer translator

This books was also taken from the library, as well as filling the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge for a novel by a debut writer. This book told the story how the children of the people involved in the running of the Holocaust, react in the early 60’s when they become aware of what happened.

lazzarus charter

Tony Bassett
The Lazarus Charter

This was another arc I got from NetGalley, it is a thriller that could be taken out of today’s headlines, as it tells the story of Russian spy’s operating on British soil. A really enjoyable modern day cold war thriller


Currently Reading




Jennifer Gold
Keep Me Afloat

This is another ARC form NetGalley and tells the story of Abbey who comes back to live where she was brought up and how her actions before she left affect her now.




As I said earlier in this post this month my mental health as improved although it did seem to get better as the month went on, although it still not as good as its been even before this most recent dip but it is now on the way back up.


News and Sport

At moment the woman’s T20 world cup is going on in Australia hopefully it will be a good tournament for England

The news at the moment in the UK is concentrating on two things floods and Coronavirus, I hope every one keeps dry and safe.




This month I caught up on watching Star Trek: Discovery which is on Netflix in the UK I have enjoyed the 2nd series and can not wait for the 3rd.



This has been a good month for reading having read a number of books both in style and sources as well as styles, in addition to this I have been more consistent in posting blogg. If you wish to add your say add comment below