I got Keep Me Afloat by Jennifer Gold, from NetGalley for a fair and honest review

Keep Me Afloat, tells the story or Abbey a marine biologist who returns to her home town, 5 years after leaving when the research she is working on finishes. The problem with going home for Abbey, is she left because she was running away from her mistakes. Which means going back will open up old wounds as well as finding new ones.

The story is split up into two time lines the first tells the story of how Abbey deals with, both the reasons why she left in the first place and the changes, while she has been away. The second time line is the story of How Abbey met her Husband Dennis and how life can have an effect on ambitions and how you react to the problems that are put in the way of them.

Keep me Afloat, is well written with, the characters being well defined, both the lead Abbey who’s point of view is how you see the story, as well as the other characters. The only weakness in the novel for me was the sense of place where the story takes place there were basic descriptions, of the town like cold and wet but there was nothing that gave the sense of the town.

Keep Me Afloat did have one thing going for it and that was the ending in my opinion, normally when you read a book about going back the writer decides to close the story by finishing every little loop hole but what Jennifer Gold, did in this story is finish a lot of them but leave the rest to the reader.

In conclusion this book is a good read and I can highly recommend adding, Jennifer Gold’s latest book Keep Me Afloat to your TBR pile.

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