Recently I did the TBR Book Tag, and said I would do more if I came across them, so I was glad when I came across the the book tag Would You Rather Book Tag, from Chelsies Crazy4Books so I thought I would do this one.


 Read only Trilogies or Standalones?

I used to read series and at the moment I am listening, Mirror And The Light by Hilary Mantel, the last in the Wolf Hall trilogy, but at the moment I am mainly reading Standalones.


Read only Female or Male Authors
Female Authors

Where I am in my life at the moment and the I type of books, that I am reading, most of them are written by women so I would have to say Female.


Buy books on-line or in a bricks and mortar store

As I mainly read ebooks then by the very nature of this I buy books on-line.


All books become films or TV shows
TV shows

Only because by the very nature of films, means that they can not go in depth, were you can in TV Shows


Be professional Reviewer or Author

As I do not write stories at the moment I would have to say a professional Reviewer.


Only read your top 20 favourite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven’t read before
Read new books

Even though I reread books, this is only occasionally, and reading the same books over and over again would start reading slumps, so I would have to say new books.


Be a Librarian or book seller

I would do both book seller or librarian but I would say this one has more variety, in the type of work so I would say Librarian.


Only read your Favourite genre, or every other genre except your favourite
Other genre

this is a similar answer to number 7 were I would only read new books, as I would rather read new books, this is the same I like to read a number of genres so I would go for everything other than my favourite genre.


Only read physical books or ebooks

my reading life is 80-90% ebooks with audio and the odd comic book I would have to say only read ebooks


Thank for reading, any comments fill in below if you wish to do this, book tag consider, yourself then you are tagged.