There is a debate, one sided in the book community on, if the book is better than the movie/tv show, and last year I read The Boys From Brazil by Ira Levin and watched the film and compared them  to see which was better (blog post). In January, I finished reading the short stories of Farther brown, and said I would compare the book and the TV show.


How I got into Farther Brown

Like most people in the UK when they are of work either sick, on holiday, or have a day of in the week I ended up watching day time television and on some of those days I watched the odd Farther Brown as it is on BBC 1 in the afternoon, also I had caught the odd episode on Alibi. Then a few years ago i had a number of Mental Health issues, which meant I was not working, this meant I was sat at home and so I got to see all the Farther Brown episodes, as I found it a comforting show. I know the idea of having some one murdered is comforting, and the killer was probably hung, but the crime was solved at the end of the show and you do not see many hangings in the show.

Then last Christmas came and I decided to read 2 different books over the Christmas period one was Dilly Court’s The Christmas Wedding, and the second was Father Brown Complete Murder Mysteries:: The Innocence of Father Brown, The Wisdom of Father Brown, The Donnington Affair, by G. K. Chesterton, so how did the book compare with the TV.

father brown
farther bown book



Farther Brown
The Character of Farther Brown in the books, who is played by Mark Williams in the TV shows are very similar both in build and the persona although in the show he is portrayed a lot of times on a bike, but in the book he carries around an umbrella.

The crimes in both the TV Show and the books are solved by Farther Brown by using his friendly nature and his ability as a priest to get people to talk to him.

mark williams farther brown
Mark Williams as Farther brown



In the TV version the stories are set in a village in Gloucestershire, while the short stories are set all over the place from Scarborough to The United States of America.

While Farther Brown is very close to the original source material of the books the ones in the TV show, are different for example Flambeau, is a different in the books to the show.

While the books were all written by the time of the death of the author G. K. Chesterton in 1936, so the stories are set before World War II, while the show is set in a post war era


The TV show takes the source material of G. K. Chesterton’s and turns it in to a show which we can say is based on the books rather than being an adaptation being close to the short stories. I have to say after reading the book I feel I have to say I did like the TV show over the book.

If you have any thing to say on this or if I am evan still allowed to run a book blogg, after saying that a TV show is better than a book.

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