With the current status of what Is happening at the moment with corona virus, meaning that we all have a lot more time on our hands,so why not use this time to read the larger books in our TBR. As we will not have to carry them around with us so here are 5 books and 5 series I would recommend, when you do not have to carry the books around.



War and Peace
Leo Tolstoy

Tolstoy’s epic novel set in Russia during the time of Napoleon and based around the invasion of 1812. This is an epic novel in both size and scope of what it covers, how ever it does this through a cast of characters, that takes the major events of the time period, and says how each one is affected by those events, with their hopes and dreams.


Les Misrables
Victor Hugo

Hugo’s novel about prisoner Jean Valjean, trying to move on with his life after being in jail for stealing a loaf of bread, but being hindered in this by Inspector Javert. This is an epic in every sense of the word with, a large amounts of information about minor charectors, or the Paris Sewage system.


The Historian
Elizabeth Kostova

A granddaughters searches in to the past of her grandfather and his connection, with the medieval ruler Vlad the Impaler read my review hear.


Green Earth
Kim Stanley Robinson

This is not just one but 3 books in one Forty Signs of Rain, Fifty Degrees Below and Sixty Days and Counting. A novel about how the world is effected by climate change and how a new American President deals with it.


American Gods
Neil Gaiman

Gaiman’s epic story of a about Shadow, who is released 3 days early from jail as his wife is killed in a car crash and meats a Mr Wednesday, and gets drawn into a conflict between the old and the new.





Masters OF Rome
Colleen McCullough
7 books

This series tells the story the rise of ancient Rome from 110 BC to 27 BC, and how it becomes an Empire. With the use of historical figures it tells each step that it took to build a city to have a large empire.



Century Trilogy
Ken Follett
3 books

The Follet series on the list this tell the story of the events of the 21st Century from the First world War, to the civil-rights movement in America through five families in Wales, Germany England, Russia and America



The Wolf Hall Trilogy
Hillary Mantel
3 books

This tells the story of an advisor to Henry VIII king of England, during the time of the reformation, a the last book of the trilogy has just come out this is the perfect time to read it


The Baroque Cycle
Neal Stephenson
3 books plus 1

This tells is based on the argument Between Newton and Leibniz over who invented calculus and and England went from being ruled by Catholic Stuart King to a Protestant a Hanoverian king



Wheel of time
Robert Jordan and Brendan Sanderson
14 books plus prequel

An epic fantasy series that tells the story the dragon reborn and his fight against the dark one containing a large cast of characters, and a wide ranging stories

wheel of time

So comment below with what you think of these books and series, or what you are planning on reading if you have to stay at home. Like or follow if you like the content. Keep safe and lets hope you stay safe in the next few weeks.