I got Sycamore Drive: A Novel by Charles Michael Casper, which is released on April 14, from NetGalley for a fair and honest review.

Sycamore Drive: a Novel, the book is set , in Boston, Massachusetts in the U.S.A, during the time, Eisenhower was President in the 1950’s. This was the time when people looked up towards organisations and in particular the Catholic Church. Into this world we meat Norman the son of a devout Protestant who befriends Sarah the daughter of a devout Catholic family. After Norman got to now the family and various events he decides to convert to Catholicism with out the support of the family. During is conversion Norman becomes involved with a young priest farther Watson and more of the Catholic clergy.

sycamore drive

The story is told in such away that the actions of both primary and secondary characters do, both positive and a negative, was totally within their individual personality that the writer, Charles Michael Casper, has described. The only weakness in the story was the ending, normally I like a story to leave some loose ends, however this seemed to leave two much to the imagination, all though this is a minor point and it should in no way distract from the quality of the book.

Sycamore Drive: a Novel is the first time when reading a book, when the words written on the page and the story, made me want to chuck it across the room, (and I use an e-reader), not because it was bad but because it was so good and got me so engrossed in the story.

So if you want to read a story that goes in to some way explaining how any organisations, not just the Catholic Church covered up secrets including child abuse for so long then Charles Michael Casper has written that book and it is called Sycamore Drive: a Novel

sycamore drive



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