The second post I did for my blog was called The Book That made me a Reader, which was about how The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins put me on the path to being a reader. Then looking at my February review,  I looked at the type of books I enjoyed that month, and they seem so different from the Eagle Has Landed. So this post is about the books that have altered my reading life and have lead me to this point.

The books are in no particular order, as I did not keep a journal of my reading and Goodreads did not exist, nor the internet for most of the list, but they are in the best order I can get them and the general order is oldest to the most recent.

King Alfred

king alfred

As a child I read a lot of history books rather than fiction, and one of those was about King Alfred


Guns of Naverone
Alister MacLean

guns of naverone old

This is the first adult book I wanted to read after watching the film on TV and tells the story of an Allied mission to blow up two guns on the Island of Naverone I wrote a recent post Re-Reading a Childhood favourite.


Rohld Dahl


The BFG was the last so called child book, I read as a child, and tells the story of a young girl called Sophia who meets The BFG (The Big Friendly Giant), one night when she can not sleep and the BFG Takes her away.

The Day of The Jackal
Frederick Forsyth


This tells the story of an assassin on a mission to kill, the President of France I read this after watching the film, and really enjoyed the detail planning of the mission and the hunt by the police.


Legion of the Damned
Sven Hassel



This told the story of Sven Hassel, a deserter from the German army who gets captured, and ends up in a German Penal unit during World War 2, this was the first book that I was shocked at some of the descriptions of war but a went on to read a number of his other books.


Kane And Able
Jeffrey Archer


This book tells the story about two people born about the same time one poor in Poland and one from a rich family of America. Whose lives intersect later on and they become rivals, I read a number of Jeffrey Archer’s books at the time.


War And Peace
Leo Tolstoy


As I said earlier I had always enjoyed history books and came to enjoy the Napoleonic period, so this got me to read this epic novel.

Hunt For Red October
Tom Clancy

hunt for red october

This was the first the first Clancy book I read why enjoyed his books was he got onto what the world could be like after the end of the Cold War.


The Da Vinci Code
Dan Brown


I Have a love hate relationship with this book although I enjoyed reading it, I feel all the thrillers that followed where what I call ‘middle class thrillers’, you no the ones where a professional lawyer, doctor or Professor etc, finds out some thing that will change the world as we know it, but an organisation, either business, secret service or secret organisation, tries to stop that information being published, which led me to branch out in my reading.


New Spring
Robert Jordan


This is the prequel to the Wheel of Time series, and some people who have read the series say you should not read this book first or even at all. However without this book I would not have read this epic series at all.


Before The Rains
Dinah Jefferies



This was unique as it was the first book I read with alone woman on the cover this has led me to read a range of books.


These are some of the books that have taken me on my reading life, while not an exhaustive list, all have played a key part, in the books I read now.


So have you read these books or what are some of the books that have taken you on your reading journey, comment bellow.


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