I got Perpetual Check by F. Nelson Smith from BookSirens for a fair and honest review

Perpetual Check is set in 1985, during the cold war, and tells the story of two Canadian Women Danni and her Aunt Lucy, who arrive in London to go on a bus tour around England. However when they land in the UK they meat a a German lady who is later found dying in front of their hotel room after being stabbed.

The story is a spy thriller, from the heart of the cold war in the 1980’s, it moves from set peace to set peace event in a smooth process, as the tension is built up throughout the story. While the premise of the story does have a good plot, there are weaknesses, in the execution, the characters are two dimensional, with only having just enough development for the story,

Image by Sergei Tokmakov from Pixabay


What Perpetual Check does well is take us back to the 80’s a time when the computer starts to become important to the world, and the cold war is still going on. with bits of information, from that time added to the story in addition to this it shows what it was like before modern day technology was started to be developed.

If you are into reading a cold war thriller, different to the normal run of the mill then F. Nelson Smith has written it in his latest novel Perpetual Check.


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