I have always read books as a child, though, I never owned a large number of books and there were no major bookcase in our house. This did not mean that I had no access to books at all, as we used to go to the local library regularly. However when we used to go to my Granddad’s house, he did have a small bookcase and on there where 6 books that always intrested me by their covers and eventually I did read them all. Bellow are the books that grabed my attention as a child and added to my intrest in reading.

The books are as follows:

Jack Higgins

solo jack higgins
the eddition on the self

Down to a Sunless Sea
David Graham

down to a sunless sea
the eddition on the self

The story of how an Atlantic airliner in the 1980’s reacts when its in the air and a nuclear war starts.


Legion Of the Damned
Sven Hassel

legion of the dam
the eddition on the self

The story of a German penal battalion on the Eastern Front during World War II


The Fifth Horseman
Larry Collins
Dominique Lapierre

the fifth horseman
the edition on self

A terrorist plot to plant a nuclear bomb in New York.


By The Rivers Of Babylon
Nelson DeMille

by the rivers of babylon
The edition on the self

An Israeli Plane is forced to crash land on the way to a peace conference in the Middle East.


The Ninja
Eric Van Lustbader

the ninja
the edition on the self

An Anglo-Chinese trained in the art of the Ninja, helps the police to investigate an unusual murder in America.


Over the years I read and enjoyed them all some more than once, and evey time I read them or even look at them, I always think of my Granddad


Comment below on books that you saw on on other peoples bookshelves that you wanted to read as a child, and ended up reading


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Above all keep safe