I got Little Secrets by Jennifer Hillier free from NetGalley for an honest review, as the book comes out on 7th May 2020 in the UK.

This book has trigger warnings for Suicide, depression and child abduction

Little Secrets tells the story of Marion, Derek and their son Sebastian, who live the perfect life in Seattle, until shortly before one Christmas, Sebastian is taken by some one dressed as farther Christmas. A year later the FBI have put it the case on the back burner and Marion’s life has fallen apart suffering from depression and having attempted suicide. Then all of a sudden Marion gets contacted by a private detective who she hired to find her son, to say that her husband Derek is Having an Affair.

Jennifer Hillier, tells a story that is based on every parents nightmare the abduction of a child. Adding to this the description of the Marion and her depression after that event, built up her character into one of the most well rounded individuals I have ever read in a thriller. The way that her depression was described was really well written and drew you into her mind and thought process, which means that her actions during the book followed on from this ground work which was so well. In addition to this all the other individuals in the book are also given enough, individual attributes dripped in to enhance this Thriller.

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The plot of this mystery thriller kept me gripped throughout and this was raised to fever pitch, during the last 20% of the book, as each new revelation was drip fed into the story so that it built up the tension to a climatic conclusion.

I loved this book all the way through and would recommend it to any one even if you do not usually read thrillers as part of your normal reading diet, or even if you have fallen out of love with them, like myself, then Jennifer Hillier has written the book for you in Little Secrets.

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