I was looking for book tags and came across this one on Reading with Jessica  with the answers here, who got this from Blair’s Blog and theirs are here.


As it looked fun, I thought I would do it so here goes.


How many books do you usually read at once?
I normally read two books at the same time, one on my ereader and an audio book.


How do you decide to switch between read?
When I am in one place then I read the ebook but when I am doing something I use an audio book.


Do you ever switch bookmarks part war through a book?
As I do not read physical books so I can not switch bookmarks.


Where do you keep your books you are currently reading?
For the audio book I use my phone which is kept the last place I left it, or I use a google mini so they are dotted around the house. The ereader is kept in my pocket or bag if I go out and on the edge of the bed at night as my night stand is full.


What time do you read the most?
I do not have a time set time to read as I read throughout the day, although I do try and read just before I go to sleep, using my night light in my ereader.


How long do you read in one session?
It depends on the book or my mental health, but normally 15-30 minutes on average.


Do you read hard backs with the cover of?
Yes when I used to read hard backs, would take the cove of and leave it in place on the bookshelf.


What position do you normally read in?
Any where I can, although I do have a place on the sofa, if I can get the before the cat.


Do you take your current read were ever you go?
At moment I just take the audio book with me on the phone due to the lock down in the UK, but in normal times my ebook went everywhere with me.


How often do you up date your Goodreads?
Usually when, I start you finish a book although I sometimes update my progress each day with how much I read. For reviews I normally do a review for Goodreads within 24 hours, and if I write a review for my blog, the review is an altered version of my Goodreads review extended.


What books are you reading now?


The Burning Chambers
Kate Mosse

burning chambers

Audio book

The Mirror and the Light
Hillary Mantel




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