As we a nearly a third of the way through April, I thought that I should  finally get round to my March review here are the books I read in march and other updates from the month. (This post has been updated as I put the wrong book down that i was reading at the beginning of the month).

So here goes with the books i read first



Long Path Home
Ellen Lindseth



Sycamore Drive
Charles Michael Casper

sycamore drive



The Intrigues of Jenny Lee
Alex Rosenberg

jeaanie lee



Little Secrets
Jennifer Hiller

little secrets uk




Other Review Copies


Perpetual Check
F Nelson Smith

perpetual check



Owned Books


Peter Pan
J. M. Barrie

peter pan


Currently Reading



Keep Me Afloat
Jennifer Gold

burning chambers

Audio Book


The Mirror and the Light
Hillary Mantel

mirror and the light





My mental health as not been the best but in fairness this is not related to the news just life

In general. I did do a phone consultation with my doctor, as they are not doing face to face at the moment, for obvious reasons and the extended my repeat prescription till December, hopefully things will be more normal by then both myself and the world.


News and Sport

What sport as it as all shut down, due to covid-19, but those that did take place Australia did win the women’s T20 world cup, seen by the largest crowd for a female sporting event, and then every sport shut down.

As for the News Its all Covid-19, the U.K. has shut down,and as my wife is in the at risk category, she has been of work for a bit longer, my child is quit happy as all the education facilities have shut down, with him having an unconditional offer for university, they think, they are on holiday at the moment.



I am watching a lot of news at the moment mainly CNN even though it Is still covering Covid-19, with it concerntrating on USA it almost like watching it semi detached from the news, I just want Governor Cuomo as Prime minister of the U.K. and Dr Snjay Gupta CNN medical reporter, no disrespect to my current Doctor as they are very good as well. In addition to this anything light like The Big Bang Theory, or British Detective programs and I finally saw Disney’s Peter Pan.


As you can see March was an intrsting month both in reading and News wise.


Comment below on what your March was like (if you can remember that far back)


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Above all Keep Safe