Once again Kate Mosse takes the reader Back to France and more specifically Carcasone, the same area as her Languedoc trilogy. However in The Burning Chambers, the first book in her latest trilogy, we are know in the late 1500’s although we are still involved in religious conflict, this time between the Catholics and the Huguenots.

burning chambers

The story follows two characters one Minou Joubert a young Catholic girl and a Huguenot Piet Reydon. The story starts when Minou receives an unusual message Saying SHE KNOWS THAT YOU LIVE. However before she can ask her farther about this, she runs in to Piet who is on a Dangerous mission and needs Minou’s help to get out alive. From then on what Minou thought she new about her life is about to change .

The writing itself is up to the normal standard of Kate Mosse, bringing the 1500’s alive, when most people just wanted a peaceful life, but for various reasons they are drawn into a religious conflict bu people who are not fighting for their religion, but for personal advantage.

The two main characters in the book Minou and Piet, each have their own back story and arc during the story, that ensures the reader can understand their actions. With Minou having the the smaller back story but the greatest change in the book of the two. form a naive girl, to a young woman, as each stage of the story evolves. Piet does undergo some development however is his less of a change as his back story gives him more development before the story begins and yet he his changed by the events of the book

My signed copy of The Burning chambers and Silva

If you have read or enjoyed Kate Mosse’s previous work in particular the Languedoc trilogy and you are missing the Carcasone area of France, in addition the second book of this trilogy City of Tears is coming out later this year, then now is the time to read The Burning Chambers.

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