How’s your 2020 going so far if your like me stuck at home not being able go and meet friends and family and missing sporting events. On the bright side after watching disaster films showing pandemics etc, they never showed people having to stay in to help save lives. If you are having to work to keep the world going on in some sort of normality, then stay safe, it puts it into perspective when working on a bank holiday to people working during a pandemic.

Enough of that this blog is about books as I have completed 21 books this quarter which I really a lot for me, though I have read shorter books this year, than I normally do, so I have probably read for the same amount of time it is just I finished more books than I normally do.

To do this list I am going to look at my good reads account and choose from the 4 and 5 star books and choose 5 books that looking back on the first 3 months of the year were my top books but show them in no set order with either links to my review of the book or the Goodreads page if there is not review on my blog.


Sons and Lovers
D. H. Lawrence


I read this as part of the MMDChallenge 2020, for the read a book by a local writer, and though I had never read any Lawrence before for various reasons, I have added is other works to my TBR list.


Little Secrets
Jennifer Hillier

little secrets uk

This was an ARC I got from NetGalley, for a fair and honest review. This was an amazing book about the abduction of a child and how the parents react to the event.


Burning Island
Suzanne Goldring

Book cove

I got this book because I enjoyed her previous book My Name is Eva, and this was a really poignant book about the Jews in Greece and how the Germans treated them after Italy surrendered.


The Intrigues of Jenny Lee
Alex Rosenberg

jeaanie lee

This is another Arc I Got From NetGalley for a fair and honest review, This is a book that does not come out until the end of May and is either a great alternative history or an outstanding political novel either way it is still a great read.


The Love Letter
Lucinda Riley


This is the book that made me love conspiracy thrillers again, from an author that in my eyes can do no wrong, so I had to have one of her books in this list, and this book is one of her best that I have read.


I decided to keep this list to five as I do not normally read this many books over a short period, so there a some books that would have made the list in any other quarter.


So have you read these books? What did you thinks of them?, or is there any of the books you want to read comment bellow


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Above all KEEP SAFE