I got a notification last Saturday (25th of April 2020) that I had This Blog for a year. So I thought I would do the 10 books that I enjoyed since I have been a book blogger they are in no particular order.

So here goes

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Ian Fleming
David Tenant Narrator

This the book which the film, is based on and is written by the James Bond writer Ian Fleming, I was short and i listened to I in a day. The book does have a lot of differences to the film when I read it, the plot could have been used for the premise of a James Bond book.

The Historian
Elizabeth Kostova

Based on the the folk law of Vlad Tapes other wise known as count Dracula, this I a well written book which I can highly recommend.

Boys From Brazil
Ira Levin

This is a book I was meaning to do for ages but never got around to. It is based on the cloning of of a human being to create an exact copy.

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry
Rachel Joyce

This is one of those books that could only be written about an English man, when Harold Fry, goes to post a letter to someone, then ends up walking all the way to her.

The Summer House Party
Caro Frazer

This is the first book in the series and tells the story of a group of people who meet in the summer of 1936 and the events of that event affect them as well as England being at war 3 years later.

The Silk Merchants Daughter
Dinah Jefferies

I wanted to read a book with a woman on the cover, and this story about a young girl in French Indochina in 1952, fitted the bill. This was a great book and has lead me to a whole section of the book store that as a man I never used to go to.

The Lost Girls of Paris
Pam Jenoff

This book about a female spy in World War 2, is a book that I would not have read if I had not decided to read books with woman on the cover. This is a great book and is up their with any spy novel I have read previously.

Sons and Lovers
D H Lawrence

This is a local writer I had never read before but after reading this for the Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge, I can say the semi autobiographical novel as mad me want to read more of his books.

Love Letter
Lucinda Riley

Along with pan Jenoff, Lucinda Riley are 2 authors I have discovered this year that I want to read all their books after reading just one. This one tells the story of a letter that could shock the British establishment.

Little Secrets
Jennifer hillier

I think this is one of the first books I got from NetGally for a fair and honest review, that I requested, was an absolute gem of a thriller, that comes out in may. It tells how the kidnapping of their son can destroy a happy marriage.

So they are the 10 books I enjoyed the most in my first year of being a book blogger, I have read a number of great books in that time and on another day the list would be different.

Before I go, I will tell you what I have leant in my first year as a book blogger is, when you do not have anything prepared do a list.

Comment below on any book you have read since you have been a blogger or even if you have read any of these.

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above all keep safe.