Well that is April done with done, filled with going out, seeing friends, watching sport on TV and going to Cricket! Oh wait that is what, I normally do in April this month was staying in, putting the bin out going shopping, just a normal month in Lock down U.K.



This is a month has been a funny reading month as, I have only finished 3 books, in total which does not seem a lot, however I have read around 1504 pages. In addition I did DNF an audio book not because of the book itself just that with the lock down I could not get into because I was not listing enough to get into it.


Books finished


The Burning Chambers
Kate Mosse

burning chambers

This is the first book in, The Burning Chambers, series and is set around the religious wars in France, in the late 17th century between the Huguenots and the Catholics, with the second book The City of Tears coming out soon.


Ellen Alpsten



This is an ARC I got from Netgalley for a fair and honest review, and tells the rags to riches story of Catherine I of Russia who was born out of wedlock to a poor family and ended up marrying Peter the Great Tsar of Russia.


SS General
Sven Hassel

ss general

This was a reread of a book I had not read for 30 years and tells the story of a German penal unit in World War II, around the battle of Stalingrad.




The Mirror and the Light
Hillary Mantel

mirror and the light