Earlier this year I read a The Guns of Naverone, by Alister Maclean, for the Modern Mrs Darcy reading challenge in the Read a childhood favourite, doing a post about it, which you can read here. Although re-reading the book was a slight disappointment, it did give me an excuse to read a book, that I had read previously and see how my reading taste has changed over the years, and I do read books more than once and this gives me an excuse to that.

ss general

Why re-read: SS General

The reason I decided on this was a couple of things I was doing for this blog, the first one was the post Six Books From my Granddads Bookshelf, which contained the book, The Legion of the Damned, by Sven Hassel, which made me think how much I enjoyed this book, The second was I got 2 books from NetGally, for a fair and honest review, which were both set in Russia, the first was Tsarina by Ellen Alpsten, which you can read my review here, and Stalingrad by Vasily Grossman which I am 48% into it and loving it at the moment. This meant I was reading to books set in Russia and on in particular set around the Battle of Stalingrad, the setting for the 2nd Arc I am reading, Which meant decided to Read SS General is also set around that battle but this from the German side.



The SS General is a series of books written by Sven Hassel, set around a penal battalion, in World War II, with this one based on the battle of Stalingrad from the first time the unit saw the city to just after their return to the German lines.

my first book cover

Quick Review

The book is fascinating read with their being almost to sides of the story. The first being the conversation between individual characters, which took me as a reader into their lives outside the battle scenes. When the book took the reader into the fighting, it showed the full of the horror and waste of war, as it is being told about individuals with none of them being a hero.


Opinion on Re-read

This book really did stand up to, re-reading all these years later, with the individuals having their own unique characteristics both good and bad, dealing with a bad situation. This re-read went really well and I would be willing to move the Seven Hassel books further up my TBR.



Comment bellow if you a re-reader and did your opinion change on the book after reading it the second time, or if you don’t re-read because it will alter your opinion on the book.


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