Here we go with the first question


What are you currently reading?

Vasily Grossman

This is an ARC I got for a fair and honest review from NetGalley, which I am still reading this is not a comment on the enjoyment of the book but on the size of the book, I have been reading for around 19 hours, and have just reached 60% of the book completed and at the moment the book is living up to the hype of World War II’s War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. The book has a wide range of individuals, with various perspective of the war and how the first half, affects them up to part way through the Battle of Stalingrad. At the moment I have just got to the day when the city was bombed for the first time.


Audio Book

I invited Her In
Adele Parks
Joanne Froggatt narrator

i invited her in


I now I DNF an audio book last week, The Mirror and the Light, by Hilary Mantel, because it was not something I could get into at the moment. I decided this week to find a light book to listen to and I came across this on which tells the story of Mel who invites her long lost friend Abi into her house, after she arrives from America after a divorce. I have only just started it, but its nice and light and it looks like I am able to drop in and out of it without losing the plot.




What did you recently finish?

As I said previously on this post, I have not finished any books this week but this is due to the size of book rather then quality or how I am feeling in y reading life, so next week there will be books finished.


What do you think you will read next?

This list has  not changed since last week, so I still am choosing  2 books, which are as follows

The Black Swan of Paris
Karen Robards

This is an ARC I got from NetGalley, for a fair and honest review which is set during World War II, about a French singer Genevieve Dumont who is the darling of the Nazis, but uses this to spy for the allies.


The Indivisible Man
H G Wells

This is a classic story, about a young man who works out, how to make himself invisible and how this affects him. I Have listened to it on an audio book years ago, I also have a difficult, reading relationship with H G Wells, as I like his stories but his endings to me are weak to me as a modern reader, so I want to see how this book stands up to this.


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