As Friday the 8th May, marked the 75th anniversary of V E Day, when The Allies beat The Germany in 1945, though the war against Japan lasted until August. So I decided to give a list of World War II, fiction books I have read and some others I want to read.


So here goes:-


The Eagle Has Landed
Jack Higgins

ehl my paper back edition


If you have read a number of posts on my blog, you may know that this book tells the story of a fictional plot to kidnap Winston Churchill the British prime minister in 1943, by the Germans, it is such a pivotal book in my reading life that every time I can get it onto a list I will always put it on, but above all it is a great story.


Where Eagles Dare
Alistair MacLean

where eagles dare

This is another childhood favourite that I really enjoyed, it tells the story of a British mission to rescue a planner of operation Overlord (the plan to invade France), from a castle in Bavaria.


The Winds of War
Herman Wouk

winds of war


The is the part of a two book series with the second book being War and Remembrance. Which tells the story of an American family, called the Henry’s during World war II, this one tells the story up to the Attack on Pearl Harbour. While the second covers up to the end of the war.



HMS Ulysses
Alistair MaLean

hms ulysses

This is the second book by Alistair MacLean on this list, When I was a child I read a lot by this author, though I only read this one more recently. The story is about a British navel ship in World War II, on the Artic Convoys, taking equipment to the Soviet Union to help them in their fight against the Germans.



Burning Island
Suzanne Goldring

Book cove


This book is based on how the German treated the Jews in Corfu Greece after they took over the occupation, after Italy surrendered to the allies in 1943. This is a novel I read recently and was a real emotional ride.



The Lost Girls Of Paris
Pam Jenoff

lost girls paris cover


The book is about the female agents who were sent in to occupied France during the war, and the investigation into what had happened to them.


Wheels of Terror
Sven Hassel

wheels of terror


This is a book from an author I have mentioned a lot recently, but not this book, again we are with a German penal battalion in Russia. This book like all the rest pulls no punches in the brutality of war and like all of Sven Hassel books they are well worth the read, but this is one of the best.


Robert Harris


While not set during the war, but this is still on the list as it is set around the Munich conference, were the British signed away part of Czechoslovakia, in the hope of stopping the war in Europe, when all it did was delay it a year.


Hitler’s War
Harry Turtledove

hitlers war


This is an alternative History book which imagines, what would have happened if the Munich Accord, had not have been signed and the war in Europe started in 1938 rather than a year later, this is the first book in The War That Comes Early series.


Vasily Grossman


I got this book from NetGalley for a fair and Honest review. Is set in Russia during World War II, and form the the German invasion in in 1941 to September 1942 During the Battle of Stalingrad, which comes out in August for the first time in English. This is a really good read and the first half what is said to be World War II’s War and Peace.


Currently Reading

Black Swan Of Paris
Karen Robards



This is another book I got from Netgalley for a fair and honest review, it tells the story of a Singer in occupied France who is loved by the Germans but also works for the Resistance. I have only read about 10% of the book boot I am enjoying it so far.


Want to Read

Life And Fate
Vasily Grossman

life and fate

This is the follow up to Stalingrad which I have just finished and starts just after the previous book finishes and since I read that this book has entered and shot to near the top of my TBR.


Their are some of the historical fiction, set in the 2nd World War, 10 of them I have red and the other 2 I am either reading or want to read shortly.


Comment below if you have read any of these books or you want to recommend books set around this conflict.


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Above all Keep Safe.