I got The Coat by April Grunspan, free from NetGalley for a fair and honest review


The Coat tells the story of Seth who on his Barmitzvah , is shown a world war II, Nazi officers long leather coat, by his father and Granddad and he is told that is coat will be his. Seth can not work out why is Granddad who along with his Grandma survived the Holocaust in Poland moved to help start Israel and then moved to America and now wants to give it to him.

The coat is stays at his parents house until they move to a smaller house, even though, Seth does not want to takes the coat with him to college. Seth, who calls himself an atheist Jew, begins to think about the coat and how it effects his Jewishness, and what the coat, symbolise to him as a person who is the second generation from the survivors of the Holocaust. to this end he writes short stories on how the coat could have come in to his Granddads possession.

General Comments

The Coat, is divided into two sections which alternate throughout the book. The first is the story of Seth’s life and how being an atheist Jew affects this. Like the time when he goes to a Halloween party and somebody is wearing a Hitler costume. The story that follows is about how the coat could have become his granddads in a story connected to this.

The book is only around 160 pages but the story and the way that it was written meant it was one of the most thought provoking books I have read, although it is based around the holocaust and what it means to be the second generation from those directly affected buy it. The book is a universal story on how, an object that represents the evil that men can do to his fellow men, by having what the item means to the victims and the world at large, changed.


This book goes to join my all time favourite books I have read, it is emotional, thought provoking, and wonderful to read. It is a book that should be read by everyone, a book that should be taught in schools. I normally say at the end of my reviews that this should be on your TBR or even high up on it, but April Grunspan has written such a good book that The Coat should be the next book you read, or maybe even one that you stop the current book you are reading, to read this.

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