As this post is going up on the 25th May, which is Towel Day, in tribute to Douglas Adams, creator of the Hitch Hikers guide to the Galaxy, for reasons why a towel, or even why it is this date check out this Towel Day website Faq’s page here. So in honer of that I thought I would do a post of 10 objects from literature.

Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang:The magical car
Ian Fleming

Not the one from the film but the one from the book which the film was based on, written by Ian Fleming, better known as the creator of James Bond. The car in the book uses its magical ability to get them out of a traffic jam and other takes them on various adventures.

Hal 9000
2001: A Space Odyssey
Arthur C. Clarke

The computer from the 2001 space oddessy HAL stands for Heuristically Programmed ALgorithmic Computer, helps control the space ship Discovery One, according to the book it was built activated 1997, in Urbana, Illinois, (USA) at the Hal Plant (the University of Illinois’ Coordinated Science where the ILLIAC computers were built.

The Guns Of Navarone
Alistair MacLean

The Guns of Navarone are two coastal guns which are able to destroy a battle ship, they are needed to be destroyed, so that a British forces can be evacuated from Keros.

Nazi officers Coat
The Coat
April Grunspan

This is a coat that is given to Seth from his Granddad who survived the Holocaust in Poland. The coat, leads Seth to investigate what it is like to be an Atheist Jew, in the modern world.

Wheel of Time
Robert Jordan

Callandor is also known as the Sword that Cannot be Touched or the Sword that is Not a Sword, it is kept in the Stone of Tear, and can only be touched by the Dragon Reborn. Who is meant to use be used at Tarman Gai’don to battle the Dark One

Wizzard’s Chess set
Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone.
J K Rowling

This is a chess set with pieces and board identical to normal Chess, however the pieces are magically animated and violently attack each other when performing a capture.

The Eagle
The Eagle of the Ninth
Rosemary Sutcliff

This Standard of the Ninth Legion of the Roman Empire, is the object that Marcus Flavious Aquila tries to find out the truth of what happened when the Ninth Legion was lost while under his father’s command.

The Golden Ticket
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Roald Dahl

This is the pass that allows the people who find it permission to enter Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, they are 5 of them hidden in Wonka Chocolate bars.

Pink Nose
The Invisible Man
H G Wells

The Pink Nose, is made of card board and is used by Griffan, to make it look like he has a nose, that can be seen when he is covered in bandages.

The Infinite Improbability Drive
Hitch Hikers Drive to the Galaxy
Douglas Adams

The Infinite Improbability Drive, is a wonderful method of crossing galaxy without using hyperspace. It is used to power the Heart of Gold starship, which was launched and stolen, by the Zaphod Beeblebrox the Galactic President.

So they were some memorable objects from books in honour of Towel Day.

Comment bellow on what are your favourite books from literature.

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Above all Keep Safe.