This is a post, that I do every Friday, which I give you the first line of a book, and explain what I like about the line and what, it means something to me.

So here we go:-

1984 by George Orwell

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen”


1984, by George Orwell is one of those books that have probably gained more fame as the years go on and it is used in many statements on how we are all being monitored a lot more, I am not going to talk about this now but just what the book means to me.

I remember as the year 1984 was getting closer, I kept hearing it being mentioned in some of the shows I was watching. At the time I used to listen to a number of, audio books. So for my birthday in 1984 I got an abridged audio book, which I enjoyed, which I listened to a number of times.

On a side not I had a relation that year who had 1984 as a set book for his English exam at 16, as they did not get a good grade, it was decided by them to do a resit later in the year and used my audio book to help them revise, I do not not how much he used but, the grade from the later exam was lower than the first.


So what are do want from a first line, and what are some of your favourite ones lines. Either comment below or start your own First Line Friday post.

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Above all Keep Safe