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In occupied Paris during the bitter winter of 1944, Marc Reese leads a group of British agents, (known as a circuit) helping France get ready for the allied invasion to free western Europe from German occupation. At a time when tension is rising, who do you trust, when you may be betrayed to the Gestapo at any minute, by people who you think of as your friends.



This war time thriller which takes a story that has been told before of trying to keep the information from the Germans about the location of the allied invasion to open up the second front. The novel moves from one scene to the next in a natural manor, allowing the plot twists to come in such away that they were a shock but not out of the blue.

In addition the story was full of well rounded people not only Marcus himself but Charlotte and the Gestapo officers none of whom were 2 dimensional. Which helps you following the story that is full of twist and turns all the way through.



This was an enjoyable war thriller that was well written and kept me interested as a reader all the way through from beginning to the end. So if you are Interested in well written spy novels with twists, jeopardy, and action, or World War II novels in general, which are well written, then Garth Rubin, as written the novel is for you.


The Winter Agent
Gareth Rubin
Publication Date
28th May 2020

the winter agent review


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