I saw This Book Tag on Chelsisies Crazy4books, which you can check out her answers here, and as it was a general nomination, and they are relaxing lock down rules in the UK I thought I would get in now.


The Tag was done by Booktuber Taylor Talk Tales check out their blog here, so here goes.


What are your current Quarantine Bookish Plans?

To get more organised in reading ARCs and the books I own or on loan from the library. This is so I clan split my reading time up and be more evenly between them. Tied in with this is to write ARC reviews for my blog and then schedule them to be posted closer to the publication date.


What was your last Acquired book or bookish item before lock down?



It was a library book, which is a comic version of Dante’s Inferno, by Hunt Emerson and Kevin Jackson, I have still not got around to reading it but I will, and as the Libraries have not opened yet I, still have tome.


Name your favourite book with a virus or spreadable infection

The Andromeda Strain
Michael Crichton

the andromaeda strain

This tells the story of a lethal virus that comes from space, and the scientist that are trying to fight it.


List Your top 5 Books on Your TBR during Quarantine


Life and Fate
Vasily Grossman

life and fate


This is the follow up from Stalingrad which I read in May about World War II from the Russian Side.


The Bomb Squad
Neil Perry Gordon

the bomb squad

This is a World War I novel set in New York and tells the story about Americans trying to find German agents who are destroying property to aid their. Germany in the war. I got this book from Booksirens for a fair and honest review, as I have been reading similar stories set in World War II, I thought this would be an interesting read.


Jim Ring



This is an alternate history ARC which I got from NetGalley for a fair and honest review, set in Britain, was occupied Germany in World War II, and there is a rising in Germany, that sees Hitler killed and there is a power struggle to rule Germany.


Dante’s Inferno,
Hunt Emerson and Kevin Jackson


This comic book version of Dante’s Iferno has been on my list since before the Lock down so I am to read it before I have to take it back to the Library when they re open.


The Rage of Dragons (The burning book 1)
Evan Winter

the rage of Dragons

This is the the first book in a fantasy series, which tells the story of Tau Tafi, who wants to escape a an endless war until his plans a changed after the murder of those closest to him.


If you run out of books to read during Quarantine, what book would you reread first?

Wheel of Time Series
Robert Jordan

wheel of time


I have not read the series since the last book came out so this would seem the ideal time to read it.


Name an under appreciated book That you Hope comes “Viral” in the BookTube Community?

The Coat
April Grunspan

the coat

This is an ARC I got from NetGalley for a fair and honest review, it tells the story of a Jewish Atheist , who gets a Nazi officers long leather coat from world war II of his Grandfather. We never know how the coat came into being owned by his Grandfather but he writes stories how this could have happened, that are based on is life being an Atheist Jew in America.



If you ended getting sick, what book or books would be your comfort read?

The Eagle Has Landed
Jack Higgins

ehl my paper back edition
improtance of book

This was an easy one for me as it is the book that means the most to me in my reading life, in fact I wrote about it in an earlier blog post here to explain why.


This was fun if you have not done a Book Tag about Quarantine then I tag you.


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Above all Keep Safe