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Seven guests go to stay at an isolated guest house in Ireland, the only problem in this, Psychological thriller is that there is a killer and not everyone will survive. The story revolves around Hannah, at this moment in her life, is a mess after her boyfriend Ben, left her, when he found she had slept with someone else. It was sent into more turmoil, after Ben dies riding a bike with his lights of at night, after getting hit by a car a couple of days after he split. Even Hannah’s best friend can not cope with her drinking and life style at the moment, and will not talk to her until she can get her life back on tack. At this very moment in Hannah gets an email to confirm a booking for a guesthouse that she and Ben had booked earlier, so Hannah decides to go.



The story is told in first person style through Hannah’s eyes, which means the only things you know are what she knows. This allows the writer to drip feed things in to the story, at the right time, as you get to know the other guests which look at first glance to have have happy lives, even Hannah has secrets which she has locked away.

One thing I liked about this book is the short chapters, this allowed the writer to build up tension as each different chapter seemed to end on a minor cliff hanger which added to the tension, and brings an addictiveness to the book from the start. In addition to this occasional flash backs were used to enhance the story and drip feed the back story of the lives of all the guests including Hannah herself.



I really enjoyed this addictive psychological thriller and would highly recommend this book to people who like a books with twist and turns throughout with information feed to the reader in a way that drags you in to the story. In addition to this if you like the classic murder mysteries set in a manor house then Abbie Frost has written a book for you in The Guest House.

the guest house

The Guest House
Abbie Forst
9th Jan 2020

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