This is a post, that I do every Friday, which I give you the first line of a book, and explain what I like about the line and what, it means something to me.

So here we go:-

The Pillers of the Earth by Ken Folet

“The Small boys came Early to the hanging”


I chose this book for my First Line Friday post for today the 5th June as it is Ken Follett’s 71st birthday. It is the first line of The pilers of the Earth, Ken Follett’s epic novel about the building, of the cathedral, around the time of the Anarchy (1135-1153), in England and Normandy, you can read my review of the book here.

The book became the first book of the Kingsbridge series, the others being, World Without End and A Column of Fire, in addition to these books, there is a prequel, which is due out in September this year which, tells the story Kingsbridge around the year 1000 during the era of the Vikings called The Evening and ehe Morning.

I came across this book first, through the mini series, in 2010, although I did not read the book then it did join my TBR then. Finally reading the book last year and reviewed it for an early post on this blog  here.

So what are do want from a first line, and what are some of your favourite ones lines. Either comment below or start your own First Line Friday post.


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