Another month in lockdown although the UK, did ease some restrictions, and they are very minor. We can get internet shopping delivered now, which is great, as two people in high risk cattagories for various reasons, and not driving it has been difficult to shop. Going out shopping at the moment is quiet nice, there is a lot of room as nobody is stopping to talk stopping you getting by, although waiting for someone who is studying bread for 10 minutes, and then calls what I can only consider the person they live with to find out what they need is a problem, this did happen.

Back to the reading this month has been a good one as I finished seven books this month which is good for me and one has become an instant favourite. The books are as follows:-



I got all theses books from NetGalley for a fair and honest review


Vasily Grossman

life and fate

This is the the book set before Life and Fate, and the two together tell the story of World War II from the Russian side, using various perspectives. The two together are considered this conflicts War and Peace, after reading it in my opinion it does live up to this, and Life and Fate has joined my TBR list.


The Black Swan of Paris
Karen Robards


This book is set in occupied France during World War II and tells the story of a French singer who is loved by the Germans, and uses this to spy for the allies. Then one day she hears that her mother who she has not seen in ages has been captured, by the Germans.


The Coat
April Grunspan

the coat

This book was an amazing, and has joined my favourite books list, the book is about, a Jewish boy called Seth gets a NAZI officers coat from his grandfather, who survived the Holocaust in Poland, however he does not tell him how he got old of it. Has Seth gets older he writes stories on how his grandfather could of got this coat, by how is life is affected by being a Jewish Atheist in the USA.


We Germans
Alexander Starritt

4we the germans

This was a book about a German grandfather’s letter to his English grandson on what it was like to fight for the bad guys in World War II.


The Winter Agent
Gareth Rubin

the winter agent review

This is a wartime thriller again set in occupied Paris in 1944, telling the story of what was like to work as a British agent not knowing who to trust in this book with lots of twist and turns.


The Beauty of Broken Things
Victoria Connelly

the beuty of broken things

This is the story of two people one who is a recluse and the other in mourning over the loss of his wife and how working together helps them to enjoy life more, over time.




The Invisible Man
H G Wells


This was a book I used to listen to as an abridged audio book when I was younger, I am not sure I gained anything by reading the full book, or in helping with my mixed feelings of H G Wells as a writer.


Mental Health



As I said previously even though we are living through a pandemic at the moment, which is affecting people’s well being, with sleeping for me at night being an aim rather then a plan, going outside is fine at the moment. My main problem is not taking my treatment not for any other reason that when I am feeling OK there seems less of an incentive to do it, then it starts to affect how I feel inside then those close to me notice. So all in all it was an alright month.




This month I have been watching a a couple of documentaries, 2 about World War II the first, is Soviet Storm – WW In The East, this was on Amazon made by Russian TV on their history of this war, it is really good and I shows just what they had to go through during the war. The second is Ensatzgruppen: the Nazi Death Squad this was on Netflix and tells the horrors done by the Germans in World War II, it always amazing to me how the get people to talk about what they did in the war in respect to what are war crimes. To continue on the war front I watched 1917, I did have mixed feelings about this as I heard it described as Mario Brothers World War I, after watching it, that definition is like calling the Lord of the Rings films as a long walk.



News and Sport

Sport is gruadually coming back I have watched some, however I did watch the esport version of the F1 Monaco GP, can they run this race like this every year, with damage turned of and tight track limits the race was exciting from end to end.

As for the news covid 19 is still the main event, the UK as been going on about the Prime Ministers advisor who drove 270 miles to isolate, and then did a 30 mile drive to check his eye sight, and is still in a job.




I had a couple of mile stones on my blog this month I Hit 100 followers and 500 likes thanks to you all of you. It has also gone through a layout change and I have got set posts going up on certain days. If I could only plan and write blog posts so they are in advance so I do not have to finish them at the last minute.


Oh well that is all for this month.


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Above all Keep Safe