I was thinking the other day about how the book titles are diffrent in the UK and America although we speak the same language, for Example we all Know that The first Harry Potter book in the UK is the Philosophers Stone and in the USA is The Sorcers Stone.

So I thought I would do the difference between some UK and USA book titles, when I was looking at the names I was surprised about the number that have been changed, that where by Agatha Christie So I thought I would just do a list of her books, there is one book, And Then There Were None, was not called that when it first came out, if you want to know more, read here

Here are the UK and USA titles of the same Agathe Christie books

UK TitleUS Title
4.50 From PaddingtonWhat Mrs. MacGillicuddy Saw! as well as Murder, She Said
After the Funeral
Funerals are Fatal
Death in the CloudsDeath in the Air
Destination UnknownSo Many Steps to Death
Dumb WitnessPoirot Loses a Client
Five Little PigsMurder in Retrospect
Hickory Dickory Dock
Hickory Dickory Death
Hercule Poirot’s ChristmasMurder for Christmas, as well as A Holiday for Murder
The HollowMurder After Hours
Lord Edgeware Dies
Thirteen at Dinner
The Mirror Cracked from Side to SideThe Mirror Crack’d
The Moving FingerThe Case of the Moving Finger
Murder is EasyEasy to Kill
Murder on the Orient ExpressMurder in the Calais Coach
One, Two, Buckle My ShoeAn Overdose of Death as well as The Patriotic Murders.
Parker Pyne InvestigatesMr Parker Pyne – Detective
The Sittaford MysteryThe Murder at Hazelmoor
Sparkling Cyanide
Remembered Death
Taken at the FloodThere is a Tide
They Do It With MirrorsMurder With Mirrors
The Thirteen ProblemsThe Tuesday Club Murders
Three Act TragedyMurder in Three Acts
Why Don’t They Ask Evans?The Boomerang Clue

So there you have it all the books apart from one which have a different title in the UK, as the USA. I was thinking when these books where written there was a lack of instant communication between the USA and the UK. With no one being able to think there would be a thing called bookblogging or Booktube, so will the be less changes to book titles in future?

Agatha Christie

Coment bellow on which you name do you perfer the UK or USA ones.

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