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This book tells the story of the Grief of Luke, whose wife Helen as recently died in a train crash. Just before she died Helen, had decided to quit her boring, in London, to do a become a photographer full time and make money from her social media platform. A few weeks later the while looking at her phone, Luke finds the posts of someone who Helen had been in contact with on socail media, who takes photos of broken pottery. Finding a broken vase that his wife got for them person, he decides to take the vase to the photographer.

The photographer turns out to be Orla who lives in a castle on the coast, as a recluse due to events in her past, with her dog called, One Ear, not going out except to take her dog for a walk, not even signing for deliveries of broken pots that she buys of the internet to use in her pictures.


The story tells how both Luke and Orla connect with each other, after an initial argument. as they bothdeal with these taumatic events in their lifes. Which have have had, far reaching repercussions in changing the way they interact with the outside world. This is done is so well, that when Orla and Luke are dealing with their issues, it seems like you are feeling what they are feeling, as they both try to deal with their past.

This is the first book that I have read, by Victoria Connelly, and with the standard of writing and story telling it will not be the last. The way she deals with difficult issues of of Anxaty, depression etc. with such sensitivity, that as a reader you not only feel sympathy for them. But, also allows you are in their mind at the time, so what may seem irrational on the out side seems perfectly normal, to you as a reader,    


This is a wounderfull book, that deals with the issuess of greving and mental health, with such sensativaty, and still makes you to, want to read the story, because both Helen and Luke, the two man protagonists are really nice people. So if you like stories of freindship that empower help both the people in it or just a great story wirrten well, then you should read Victoria Connelly’s Latest Book, The Beauty of Broken Things.

Published Date
The Beauty of Broken Things

Victoria Connelly

Lake Union Publishing

(ESt) Published
Date 9th June 2020

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