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This book starts of shortly before the USA enters World War I, when the Germans are trying to keep America form entering the war on the side of the allies. To this end Germans in New York who are loyal to fatherland, are controlled by Dr. Harold Schwartz who works on Ellis island and his father an old friend of the Kaiser the Ruler of Germany, are running this organisation that is blowing up, buildings and ships crossing the Atlantic.

To go against the organisation, the New York Police, with the help of the British Security services, set up a unit Called the Bomb Squad run by Max Rothman, himself born in Germany to run this unit.



This book started of as an interesting take on the normal novels about terrorism and war time resistance units, by being set in a war and a place in history does not normally gets covered in historical fiction, or those that I have come across any way. Another thing it did well was that it covered both the Bomb Squad and The Bombers with, respect so that the reasons why these people who are either on the side of their birth nation or adopted one, felt like that was the correct one for each individual in the book.

The only issue I had with the book is that about half way through the book, something happend that seemed to come out of nowhere, that changed the plot of the book. I am alright with things happen in books that I do not predict, but when I read something that seems to come out of the blue. Which made me as a reader think the writer, got to this point in the book and throught I need to put in something random to get out of this hole, having said that it did move the story on.



Neil Perry Gordon as written an historical fiction book, which starts in New York just before the USA enters World War I. The book it self was well written with nice paceing and good action, however the plot twist in the middle just took me out of the book for a short wihile, having said that if your into none World War II historical fiction, or you like books that have surprising plot twist then the Bomb Squad is for you.

the bomb squad


The Bomb Squad

Neil Perry Gordon

April 1 2020


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