I was not sure what i was going to do about the cuurent wave of prortests arounf the world, then is saw a post by, Adevntures of a Bibliophile, called, Changes I Will Be Making as a Book Blogger and as a Reader Going Forward, which you can read here. With my post it feels like i am trying to do a rewrite of war and peace,


This is one post I thought I would never have to write or should personally have to write. Firstly I am a white middle aged male from the UK, who started this blog in 2019, thinking that I would not write about politics, not for any particular reason just that at this time, Brexit was the major split, where I live, (I wish we could go back to them times). I did this because as some one who could see both sides of the argument and this blog is about books I would keep politics out of the blog.

On the other hand I did discuss mental health, as some one who suffers from depression and anxiety, who had seriously considered suicide. Also one of the reasons I decided to do this blog was I wanted something to do, that allowed me to communicate with the world without having to go out, it also allows me to share my feelings on the books I have read to some one other than my partner.

However there are times when events happen around the world, such as the events after the killng of Geroge Floyd, or probably come to the attention of the world that they are more than just politics this is about how we live our life and the racisam and prejurdice that people live through.

Like most white people in the UK who live in a quiet area the dealings with the police, do not happen very often, I see police when I am in town but I do not interact with them much. I have been stopped by the police and been in cars stopped by the police, but at no point did I fear for my life, I am not saying the UK police is perfect but as a white male I felt I had nothing to fear from them particular as most of them are not armed.

So why this rameberling post, I will get there.

One of the books that I love is The Eagle Has Landed by Jack Higgins, I have written a post about what this book means to me and how it made me a reader you can read it here. I read this book around 1979-1981, the first time the exact date does not matter as around that time what was happening in relation to this story does not change. Firstly the book is about an Operation to kidnap Winston Churchill by the Germans in 1943, the story is told through multapule perspectives, some of those at the time on my TV did not have good I suppose we would now call PR. There was Liam Devlin a Member of the IRA at the time this was during the troubles so on the news all we heard was about the bombing innocent people. The other main person involved was Steiner an officer in the German army, who in every war time film at the time which was shown on TV were the Bad guys, but this book made them human, It did not change what I felt about the causes they fought for but I at least got an understanding of them.

So fast forward a few years after reading thrillers my reading tastes change and I read different books fantasy crime and alternative history and actual history. Most of the books I read were male, then when I went was going to the library a lot as my safe space, I saw a number of books with a single woman on the cover, believe me I do not know what it is like where you live, but here in the UK there are a large number of books with a single woman on the cover. So I said I would read a number of books with this type of cover, this has lead to me reading a number of female writers In the last 8-9 months.

Even though I read a number of translated books, or books set in other countries all my books where written White authors, their maybe the odd one which was not, but that would be pure luck. So what am I going to do about it.

Rooney Rule

Even though I live in the UK one of many sports I follow is the NFL, now they have a rule for hiring coaching staff, that goes something like this every time, a team interviews for a head coaching job they, have to interview an ethnic minority individual, I am not saying this is a perfect rule, as there are problems with it but, I bet their have been more black NFL coaches at Wemberly stadium in the international games then Football (soccer) mangers.

Future reading

As I am a mood reader I can only pick out what I am going to read next, which is why I do WWW Wednesday, and not a monthly TBR, so to this end from now on I am going to have a least one book in my what will I read next section, will be either from a different ethnic group to me or a different sexuality as well as books about the British Empire both the good and bad side of it. I am not saying that I will like enjoy every book I read, or review every book on this blog I do not now some just get reviewed on Goodreads, I will keep a track of this for myself I may not however put this on my blog unless you want me to (comment below).

This is a small step for me, in a  process that I should have been done before this, and there is many other things that I am doing in my normal life. The only thing I am thinking is how my TBR is going to grow but my TBR always does every time I read a book.

In addition to this i will try and make my normal posts, more diverce as well.

Comment below on this ramble both things you agree or not agree with and sugesstions for books to read.

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Above all keep safe and judge everybody fairly.