I brought this Such a Fun Age, by Kiley Reid, as part of my plans that I laid out in a previous post, My Future Reading Life, which you can read here


kiley reid
Kiley Reid


Such a fun age is about young black woman Emira Tucker, who lives in Pennsilvanyia  who is coming up to the age of 26, which means she will soon be coming of her parents health insurance. However at the moment she does not know what she wants to do in the future, while woking this out Emira has two jobs one doing typing for the local Green Party, and another baby sitting for a white family the mother is, Alix, a successful business woman with a book deal who is married to a local tv news presenter.

Then one time while Emira was on a night out Alix asks her to look after her child while they deal with the police, after someone had chucked something at their house. While Emira was looking after the child, she is accused of kidnapping as Emira ,  while all this is happening she is  being recorded on the phone by a passer by. Emira asks that the video does not get past on to the media, after which he emails it to her and deletes it from his phone.


Such a Fun Age, told the story a young women who is not sure what she wants to do in her life, but comes to the point where she starts having to think of the future in what she wants to do with her life. However what the writer Kiley Reid does with this is adds in the problem with Racial inequality, that happens in the world, and as a white male, the part in the store when Emira was being challanged on the suspicion of kidnapping the child, gave me a bit of the feeling what it feels to be like when you are jugged by the colour of your skin, and the clothing you ware.

It then goes on with this narrative but does this by adding in Alix’s perspective and the person who films the incident on his phone. Using this incident to help Emira, find out what she wants to do in her life, but are they doing this for the right reasons? Or doing it for their own personal perspective and advantage, and forgetting about Emira, herself.

The book told the story mainly using Alix and Emira’s perspectives, which allowed you to see what they wanted to do through their eyes and how they were feeling at the time, but also that what seemed at first glance to seemed to help Emira, but was mainly done for them


Even though book was a thought provoking and shows that even though you feel your helping, make sure that your aim to do good is to helps who you are helping and not for your advantage. It has at its hart a really good story and a well written book which is the main reason why we read books.

This is the first book on my aim to read a more diverse range of writers not just based on gender, with this book being a initial step. So if you like me and want to read a more writes from black or ethnic minorities like me, then you could do worse the read Kliey Ried’s book, Such a Fun Age.



Kiley Reid

Such A Fun Age

G.P. Putnums Son’s

December 31st 2019




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