I borrowed I Invited Her In, By Adele Parks, narrated by Joanne Froggatt, from my local library using the RB digital app.


Mel and Abi were close friends, who had met at university, until one day Mel becomes pregnant after having a one night stand, with someone she said she did not know. Deciding to leave the course at that point and had a baby boy, which she called Liam, which she raised him as a single mother. Abi goes on and completes the course, marrying an elder student and moves over to America with him and starts a career as a TV presenter, with her husband as her producer.

Fast forward forward Mel is now married to Ben, and has two young girls, living in the suburbs. Liam is about to turn 18 and complete his A-levels and go of to university. Then one day Mel hears from Abi, who is now back in the UK after after finding her husband in bed with his P.A., so Mel, asks Abi if she wants to stay for a while until she gets her life on track.


This story was told from multiple perspective, with Mel and Abi being the main ones, droping into Mel’s husband and son to move the story on. This allowed the story to examine different perspectives, on the story as a Whole, particuly when you saw the same situation from multiple perspectives. This allowed the development of the characters during the novel and allowing the reader to understand their motivation and how .they saw the events of the book.

I Invited Her In, examined relationships between friends and family members and how decisions that we make when we are younger affect our lives. In addition the choices we make even though we are happy with them at the time and even how they turn out. we sometimes look at choices other people make and wish we had done that, even though the choice the other person made was less glamours.

What I really liked about this story all though there were a number of twists and turns in the book, all of them were able to be seen as possible when looking back though the story, even though they could seem to be a little far fetched.


As I listened to this on audio book I will say a few words about the narrator Joanne Froggatt, I found her to be really good and clear allowing me to watch it as 1.5 speed something I had not done before, In addition the different voices for each individual were all distintinct so even though I did not listened to the story every day (no disrespect to the story, just how I use audio books), I new who was speaking when I came back to the story by their voice alone.


This book was a really enjoyable read, that allowed a bit of escapism in this world, which we all need at the moment. Although this is a plot line that could be seen in along running soap or even a made for TV film or a miniseries not that I am denigrating the book as a whole, it is something to dip in and out of, so if this is what you like in your books then I would recommend Adele Parks novel I Invited her In.


Adele Parks

I Invited Her In


20th September 2018

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