I saw the TBR Book Tag on Behind the Sentance, link here. I was not Tagged by name in it, but the questions look good, so here goes:-

How do you keep track of your TBR?

I do not have one list of my TBR, my goodreads does have some, but my ereader is pobably the most accurate list on, my TBR, In addition to this in my mind I do have a number of authors I want to read, though I do not have a list of those books.

How do you decide what you want to read next from your TBR?

As a mood reader, I do not have a definitive order of books I am going to read, which is why I do not do a monthly TBR, but do a WWW Wednesday post, (latest one here), Which I have a list of the books I may read next, maybe 3 or 4, which is governed by a number of reasons, for example if it is an ARC, the publication date due, or the book that grabs my attention.

A book that has been on your TBR the Longest?

This one is easy and I think if you have read a number of my posts, you will no the answer, Eugenie and Napoleon III, by David Duff I have had this book since around 1978/79 and I still have not read it.

A book that has recently been added on to you TBR?

Another easy one as it was father’s day, on Sunday 21st , 2020, I got some book vouchers from my son and brought two books, which are the Poppy War by, R F Kang and Girl, Woman, Other, by Bernadibne Evaristo.

A book that is on the TBR because of its beautiful cover?

Most and none, although I get some of my recommendations, from book tube or book blogs, a lot of the people I follow read a number of different books to me. I Mainly by books with covers that grab my attention, rather than because of how beautiful they are


A book on your TBR that basically everyone has read except you?

This would be Beach Read, by Emily Henry, this is a romance novel which I brought because it seemed to be everywhere, I have not read a straight romance book, so I thought I would give it ago.

A book on Your TBR that everyone Recommends to you?

A Lot of people I know do not read as much as I do, so I do not get a lot of personal recommendations so the only ones I get are from Kobo based on the books I by from them, don’t tell book sellers, the reason I read a diverse range of books is for a couple of reasons, the first I do not DNF books a lot only one in the last two years, and if a book is on the list of books they think I should like and I like the cover then I may read it.

The Number of books on your Goodreads TBR list?

Do not judge me I did delete my Goodreads account a few yeas ago so some on their I have already read but at the moment it is 446, as I said I have read a number of them before and maybe one day I will either delete the ones I have read or delete them.

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