I got Wife after Wife by Olivia Hayfield free from Netgalley for a fair and honest review.

I decided to request,` Wife After Wife, after reading the synopsis which caught my interest.

Olivia Hafield
Olivia Hayfied


Wife after Wife, is a retelling of the story of Henry VIII king of England from 1509-1547, who is famous for having six wives. Instead of being a king, the main character is a British business man, called Harry Rose, who is 27th on the Forbes rich list.

The story starts when Harry has just married his first wife, Katie because, she is pregnant with their first, child, Harry is tall, handsome and is good at sport, as the story unfolds throughout the book, you get to see how the events change him giving the him a very good story arc.

The story was told from multiple perspectives, some times of the same scene but always on the same situation, which allows the reader to gain a greater perspective, on single events and thus the story as a whole. All though as the main character, Harry’s perspective, was always there all the way through, their are many other view, from a different people, based on which character are involved with the story at that point, giving, different perspective points of view.

What I really enjoyed about this story was the way that the life of Harry Rose, was similar to the real life of Henry VIII, from the death of his older brother Art, but there where slight differences as well. Katie his first wife was not married to his brother like Arthur was, but they were close when they were younger.


Their are times when you see a book that that has a good premise, but the execution of that fails, either through the story not living up to the idea, or the writing distracting from the the whole thing. What I am glad to say in this case Olivia Hayfield has written a story in a style that matches the expectations of the idea.

So if you like stories with a strong arc for the main character, want to find the connections that link to the real history and this story together. Or you just want a good read then Wife after Wife is for you.

Olivia Hayfield

Wife After Wife

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