This is the post I do every Friday, which I post a first line of a book, which generally has a connection to a date close to when it is posted. In addition the book is usually one that I have read or is on my TBR.

So here goes:-

Animal Farm by George Orwell

“Mr. Jones, of Manor Farm, had locked the hen-house for the night, but was too drink to remember  to shut down the popholes.


Thursday the 25h of June would have marked the 117 birthday  of Geoerge Orwell, and I used anther of his books 1984,  in reference to my birthday I thought I would replicate it for his. Animal farm is an allegorical novel, which was published 17th August 1945, it tells the story of of a group of animals lead by a pig named Napoleon rebel against the farmer, a Mr Jones.

Orwell said, this is a fable based on the events leading up to the Russian Revolution, of 1917 and through to the Stalinist era of the 1920’s, as Orwell was a democratic socialist he was critical of the Soviet Union under Stalin.

I came across animal farm when I was younger all though I did not read it then, though I have read it since. On a side note Napoleon in the early French version, was called Caesar, all though this has changed over time and reverted to the original name.

Comment below on your favourite first line your if you like me end up going looking up events and people that are portrayed in books.

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