So we have reached the end of the 2nd quarter of the year so it is time to do my top 5 books from April to June. I was looking at the previous post from January to March, which you can read here, The introduction is on how England was going into Lockdown, and on the 4th July there will be an easing of more restrictions, in most of England, apart from Leicester. I have some relations who live there and I was going to wind them up by messaging from a pub, but, they are my wife’s family and she has told me I can not do this.

So back to the books like last time I have chosen this list from 4 and 5 star reads I have completed between March and June, though they are not shown in any order. Like the last time there will be either a link to Goodreads or a review on this blog if I have written one.

Looking at the list it seems, I got all of them from Netgalley for a fair and honest review, this does not mean, disrespect to the books I read that I owned, it’s just that I was reading a lot of Arc books this quarter from that source to give me a better chance of getting requested books.

So here goes:-

The Beauty Of Broken Things
Victoria Connelly


This is one of those books that is more than a 5 star read, it was simply Beautiful, with the writing and the story itself. The book is set in England and is a about a man who is greving for the loss of his wife and his connection with a recluse who had brefrended his late wife on the internet.

The Coat
April Grunspan


What a powerful book this was, a simple premise, about a young Atheist Jew is given a former Nazi officers coat form his granddad, who survived the Holcost in Poland, but never tells him how he got the coat. So the grandson writes some short stories based on events in his life how the coat good have come into his hands.

The Long Path Home
Ellen Lindseth


This was a story of a an American dancer during World War II, who lives in Chicago, who is around when someone gets killed by the Mafia, so she goes to Europe to entertain the troops over there, as I put in my review this was a surprising wartime thriller.

Ellen of Alpsten


This is an historical fiction based on a true story, about a young women born out of wedlock in a poor village, climbs her way up the social ladder to marry the Tsar of Russia Peter the Great, and succed him as the Tsarina of Russia on her own.

Little Secrets
Jennifier Hillier


This is a story about how a woman deals with the loss of her son and how she and her husband, deal with the aftermath, of the event. It does have some of the best description of a depression I have ever read in book form.

This was a really good quarter for reading and I could have doubled the total to 10 at least, so do not be surprised when we get to my best books of 2020 that there are some books that are not on this list make the top 20 at the end of the year.

So what are your favourite books between April and June, comment bellow on that or if you have or want to read any of these books

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Above all keep safe and Judge people equally.