I decided to listen to this audio book when I was going through my libraries audio book collection and I saw it was available, so I having not read the book since child hood, I thought I would give it a go.

roahld dahl
Roald Dahl


My history with the Book

I must have been about 8 when I read Charlie and the Chocolate factory for the first time, I had it read to me at my school. as well as getting for my birthday along with Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, which I do not think I ever read. In addition about that time it was read on the BBC 1 in the afternoon in a program called Jackanory, which was a show on about 4.20, were famous people read books to children, over a week, check out a linkhere.


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, tells the story of young boy who, lives with his 4 grandparents and his parents, in a house with only two rooms, as is family don’t have much money. Before Charlie goes to bed each night he goes to talk with his grandparents tell him about the, chocolate factory, in the town which is owned by Willie Wonka, and how that nobody works theand yet it still produces the best sweets in the world which all his competitors, would like to know how to make them.

Then one day Willy Wonka says, that 5 golden tickets are hidden in his bars of chocolate, which will allow five children to earn a tour of the factory and a life times supply.


Opinion As an Adult

Reading the book again after all these years, allowed me to pick up things that I did not pick up as a child, or maybe a better way to say it would be, a better way to say it. One of these is the poverty of the Bucket family, with how poor they actually are. For example living on cabbage soup all the time, and the only thing they have extra on a Sunday is a second helping.

Another thing that stood out for me is the other four children and their parents, reading about them this time I did not like them again but this time I felt sorry for them, realising, that it is not all their fault, but the parents must take a majority of the blame, something I may of thought about when I was younger, but seemed more potent as a adult.

Charlie and  the Choccolare Factory Cover
Version used in re-read

Charlie and the Choclate Factory

Roald Dahl

Douglas Hodge



I must say something about the Narrator, Douglas Hodge who told the story in such a way that it, added, another dimension to the book, with his voice and mannerisms, that he put into his voice, that took me back to listening to the story as an 8 year old.



Once again I fell in love with the book again and what a master of the craft was Roald Dahl, was. The plot was simple and light. Though containing, something just under the surface that just made the book a bit darker than it would first appear to be allowing both me as a child an adult take something different from the book, which is was all great children’s entertainment should do..


Comment bellow if you have read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, either as an adult or both.


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