Hi, all well we have done with June, which means half the year Is over, I know this year has not been the best so far but, hopefully we have started to turn the country back to the (new) normal, what ever that is. I am still only doing what I have done for the last 12 weeks or so, but it is stating to get easier. I have relations in Lecister which are going back into lockdown but they are OK at the moment, although at the moment even in The UK with all the deaths I live in an area were I we have not had many cases. So all I have been doing is reading or watching tv.






I got the folloing books from booksirens for a fair and honest review.

The bomb Squad
Neil Perry Gordon

the bomb squad


This was one of those books I got because I was interested in the premies about a group of detectives trying to stop the Germans trying to plant bombs in New York to stop America from entering the war. Although I did enjoy the book I felt the story became a little far fetched.



The following are the books I got from NetGalley for a fair and honest review.


The Tuscan Contessa
Dinah Jefferies

the tuscan contessa

This is a story set in World War II, in northern Italy, just after, Italy had swapped sides, and now fought with the allies. It was based around two women, one who had married the count and another who was an Italian-American, who had a connection with this area..



Wife After Wife
Olivia Hayfield



This book told the story of Henry Rose a British Business man, and the story of his six wives. If that story sounds familiar, it may do as it is a modern retelling of Henry VIII king of England. It was a really enjoyable book to read.



The Mountain Sings
Nguyen Phan Que Mai

The Mountain Sings


I read this book as I had read a lot of World War II books previously, to this one, so one set around the conflicts in Vietnam both took me to the Far East, and later conflicts. This was a really great book telling the story of a family from North Vietnam, are affected by the wars that raged in that country from the 1930’s.


Library Books


The Guest House
Abbie Frost

the guest house

This is a modern day murder mystery, set in a lonely guest house in Ireland, which I took out from the library on ebook. This was a great book with twist and turns all the way through.



Such a fun Age
Kiley Reid


I got this book because of taking a look at the types of books I read after the Murder of George Flloyd in America and, the Black lives matter campaign that followed and the post I wrote, My Future Reading Life, (read here). It tells the story of a black woman trying to find her way in life, and how some white people only help put their needs first when fighting against racism.



Audio Book



I Invited Her In
Adele Parks

i invited her in

This was the book that got me back into Audio books, a fun read about two friends, from university, who have not seen each other for 18 years, want what the other one has.




Mental Health


June was for me, was an average month regarding my mental health, sleep at night was still an aim rather then something I would do as standard. Although the England is slowly coming out of lock down, I have not taken much advantage of what I can do now, as I have been in a nice bubble for this time and I feel nice and safe and I do not want to expand it.



Sport Is gradually coming back without fans which seems a bit strange, I do love the crowd noise that they are playing in the background, although it is spoilt when they show the stadium. Congratulations on Liverpool winning the EPL title for the first time since they one the last league title of the old first division.




I do not think I have watched anything in specific this month just dipped in and out of watching the odd show here and there but nothing special.



Covid 19 is still in the news, with countries levels going up and down depending on how their governments are handling the situation, while the UK seems to have suffered badly compared to other nations , at the moment we seem to be on the right track.


Well that’s my June Review, I must start writing this post throughout the month rather than all in one go. Then it would go up as close to the end of the month as possible, it was a good one for reading lets hope the rest of July goes as well.


Comment below on what your month of June was like.


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