I got a free copy Holi Moly! by Poornima Manco, from Book Sirens for a fair and honest review.

Poornima Manco
Poornima Manco

The reason why I got this book from Book Sirens, is putting into plan the actions from the post, My Future Reading life, (which you can read here), the aim of post was to expand my reading not just Black culture, but form other cultures, as well, so when I saw this book by an Indian writer with stories set in that culture I decided to read this book.



Holi MolyI, is a collection of short stories set in India, that are based around the themes, of optimism, laughter grit and resilience, set around the the lives of ordinary people, who refuse to back down against diversity.



I do not normally read short stories as It is some times difficult, connect with the premies of the story, or the characters, in them, before the story ends. However all of the 8 short stories in this collection allowed me to do that. With some making me happy, cry, sad or even laugh when it was probably not appropriate thing to do.

The way that the writer Poornima Manco, did this was write about situations while mainly based in the country of India, but all set in the culture of that country, was because the stories had a universality to them, which was about the humanity of the people involved in each story, which in the world we live in now it is worth remembering.

In addition to the universality of the stories, author’s writing style felt easy to read, allowing the reader to absorb the characters, scene, and scenario of the story quickly. Which means the reader can go on the journey each story allowing the emotions role over the reader..



As some one who rarely reads short stories, I found this book really well written, with the feeling that all the stories were meant to be in the collection. So if you read short stories as a normal part of your reading life or are interested in expanding your reading then, Poornima Manco, has written the book for you in Holi Moly!


Holy Moli

Holi Moly!

Poornima Manco

April 11 2020


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